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Unique Vacuum Systems, Bangalore India, Supplier of Vacuum Pumps, Measuring instruments, Helium leak testing services

VACUUM transmitters and display units – DVG series
• Measurement range 0 to 760 mm of Hg
• Space saving rugged design- 1/8 DIN console
• Mounts in any orientation
• Stainless steel body measuring cell with metal-sealed feed through
• with universal power supply – input voltage from 90 ~ 264VAC
• integrated set point adjustment and relay output
• Easy To Read 4 Digit Backlit Display
• Dual Set Point Controller With 2 Relays (optional)

The UVS Model DVG series Vacuum Gauge Controller displays vacuum pres­sure as measured from a vacuum transmitter.

***The optional RS232 along with analog output 0 to 10V and 4 to 20 mA facility can be obtained on request

■ Controlling high vacuum systems
■ Fore vacuum pressure monitoring
■ Safety circuits in vacuum systems
■ General vacuum measurement & control in the fine and rough vacuum range.

Technical specifications:

 Technical Specifications:
Details of Pressure Transmitter

Make, Model : Afriso (Germany), DMU
Service : Air/ water
Accuracy : +/- 1% FSO
Connection : G1/2”BSP
Electrical connection plug : DIN 43650-4
Measuring principle : Poly silicon thin film
Output : 4-20 mA 2-wires
Pressure Range : 0 to 760 mmHg
Max. Pressure           : 1.5 Times of Working Pressure.
Max.Temp of the medium :-25 to 100 degree Celsius
Supply voltage : DC 12-36 V
Wetted parts : Stainless steel
Enclosure : IP 65


Details of Digital Indicator
Display : 3 1/2 digit LED, 0.5” height
Mounting type : Panel Mounted
Cutout Size : 92 x 92 mm
Indicator Enclosure : Dustproof IP 40
Dimensions : 96 X 96 X 110 mm
Accuracy : Better than 1% of reading
Operating Temperature : 0 to 70 degree Cel
Input : 4 to 20 mA from Pressure Sensor
Power Supply            : 230 V AC, 50
Relay : 5A, 230 V AC

Unique Vacuum Solutions offers a convenient recalibration service to help users of vacuum measurement pirani/ thermocouple/ full range gauges to maintain all of their vacuum gauges in Certified and peak condition, regardless of the original manufacturer. All makes of vacuum gauges can also be calibrated / repaired if required.
The calibration certificates are available only on request at additional cost. Pl contact before ordering.

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Unique Vacuum Systems, Bangalore India, Supplier of Vacuum Pumps, Measuring instruments, Helium leak testing services
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