Unique Vacuum Solutions, a company established by Nagendra N Utpath in the year 2001, has expertized in the field of supply of High Vacuum Technology and providing professional services.

In the year 2001, when the company was established, its main focus was to provide the repair and maintenance of helium leak detectors, vacuum measurement instruments, high vacuum spares and components.

During our journey with our valued customers till now, we have expanded.

Today we are one among the prominent manufactures and suppliers of high vacuum engineering systems and components.

As we are specialised in Helium leak testing equipment with a dedicated design- manufacture -service team, we have executed many supply and installations of helium leak test systems across India for various applications.

Followed by supply of helium leak test stations and stand alone systems, we provide after sales services including calibration of helium calibrated reference leaks.

Vacuum measurement instruments manufacture and supply is our other main vertical, where in we manufacture digital display Pirani vacuum gauges with measurement range from ATM to 10e-4 mbar with various configurations.

We are associated with international leading brands such as SOLBERG and LAZZERO for its representation in the region. We are sales and service partners for SOLBERG speciality filters and LAZZERO Technologies helium leak test stations.

In the year 2022, Unique Vacuum Solutions were accredited with ISO 9001-2015