ASME/PED Code Vessels


ASME/PED Code Vessels


Pressure is a common driver of vessel design. Our company understands the varying operational conditions,  installation constraints, and construction requirements for different industries. Furthermore, we work to design and manufacture solutions that meet your specific applications’ needs.

We’ll ensure your filtration systems meet ASME VIII or PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) standards, and complete essential non-destructive tests (NDT) to verify product integrity. Full documentation is available upon request, so you can rest assured your pressure vessels are entirely compliant and safe.

To learn more about our ASME/PED code pressure vessels, or our other specialty filtration products, contact us online. We’re happy to provide further information or answer any questions.




  • Our ASME vessels are designed for liquid separating, vacuum, oil mist elimination, natural gas applications and much more.


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