Powered Oil Mist Eliminators – BAE / FAE Series – Engineered to Order


Powered Oil Mist Eliminators – BAE / FAE Series – Engineered to Order


Our Vacuum Assisted Oil Mist Eliminators are designed for field upgrades and new reciprocating engines and turbine installations around the world. Our high efficiency filtration systems eliminate vented oil mist emissions while controlling engine pressure in crankcases and turbine lube oil reservoirs. We offer vapor extractor and static options based on application requirements.

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  • Eliminates visible oil mist emissions
  • High efficiency and long lasting replaceable coalescing elements
  • Industrial grade powder coat carbon steel
  • Drain ports for oil recovery
  • Control valves for precise pressure regulation
  • Large assortment of motor options (Explosion proof, ATEX, etc.)
  • Integrated vacuum relief for motor protection










  • Redundant equipment to ensure continuous operation
  • Full automation: PLC and DCS compatible
  • Stainless steel construction for harsh environments
  • Custom coating and colors
  • ASME Section VIII or PED pressure certifications
  • Explosive environ. options: ATEX, Class I Div. 1, etc.
  • Motor listings: UL, CE, IEC, CSA, IEEE, KOSHA, etc.
  • Motor accessories: Heaters, starters, switches, VFD, etc.
  • Skid mounted units for ease of transport & installation
  • Service and maintenance platforms
  • GOST certification


  • Reciprocating Engines: Stationary & Marine
  • Gas & Steam Turbines


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