Chemical Vapor Adsorption Filters


Chemical Vapor Adsorption Filters


Adsorbent filters are essential when it comes to protecting equipment, such as fuel cells and vacuum pumps, from ingesting harmful contaminants. These filters are also used to reduce odors and help protect the work environment by removing contaminants from the discharge of vacuum pumps.

Chemical adsorption is a process in which vapors and/or small particles are removed from the air or gas stream via filters containing adsorptive media. Contaminants are removed when they adhere to or react with the surface of the adsorbent media and allow the cleaned air or gas to pass through the filter.

Commonly used media for filters include activated carbon, activated alumina, molecular sieve, and other desiccants and catalysts.

Maximizing the dwell time in which air or gas is in contact with the adsorbent media plays a key role in effective contaminant removal. Solberg evaluates each application and works within customer constraints and media adsorption capacities to optimize filter effectiveness.

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