Powered Oil Mist Eliminators – CV Series: Static Vent Oil Mist Eliminators


Powered Oil Mist Eliminators – CV Series: Static Vent Oil Mist Eliminators


Solberg’s oil mist eliminator products minimize visible oil mist emissions when used as gearbox vent breathers, crankcase vent breathers, or oil reservoir vent breathers. Our oil mist eliminators help prevent excess pressure from building, which in turn protects your equipment.

This is accomplished using proprietary technology in the oil mist removal filters. Specialty filter media captures and combines small aerosol particles within the filter media to form larger droplets which can be returned to the oil sump or lubrication reservoir.

Solberg’s CV Oil Mist Eliminator Series:

  • Captures vented oil mist
  • Prevents oil from contaminating surrounding areas
  • Helps achieve compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Contributes to a cleaner, safer work environment

Contact us for more information on our Static Oil Mist Eliminator series. We are happy to guide you to the right filtration products for your application.




  • High efficiency fiberglass filter elements: 99.97% removal efficiency for 0.3 µm oil mist
  • Eliminates visible vented oil mist emissions
  • Corrosive resistant powder coat carbon steel
  • Compressor, Turbine, Gearbox, Engine Applications
  • Contact factory for specific flow and sizes
  • Low back pressure filter element design: Pleated and wrapped fiberglass options
  • Vents for oil reservoirs, crankcases, bearings, direct dire coupling enclosures

Technical Specifications

  • Temperature (continuous operating) 68°F (20°C) to 180°F (80°C)
  • Extensive flow ranges


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Internal drain back
  • Alternative filtration media: wire mesh demister, vane separator
  • Various finishes
  • Multiple configurations
  • Vacuum assisted oil mist eliminators


  • Reciprocating Engines
  • Compressors-Centrifugal
  • Gas Turbines
  • Hydraulic Gear Boxes
  • Static assemblies used in applications that can tolerate some level of positive pressure


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