JRS Series: Multistage Vapor Condensers


JRS Series: Multistage Vapor Condensers


Solberg’s JRS Multistage Vapor Condenser vacuum filter is a vacuum jacketed vessel designed to protect equipment from harmful vapors and liquids that can break down vacuum pump oil. Vapor removal is accomplished by transitioning a substance from a gaseous state to a liquid or solid state by passing air flow through Solberg’s proprietary cooling technology. Our JRS Series will extend your vacuum pump life and reduce costly downtime.

Soberg’s JRS Series: 

  • Keeps vapor from contaminating vacuum pump oil
  • Removable heat exchanger pack for quick cleaning
  • Can be used with a variety of coolants, including glycol and water
  • 2” NPSC drain port
  • Bottom access designs are available

Contact us for more information on our Multistage Vapor Condenser series. We’ll guide you to the best filtration products for your setup.




  • Removable heat exchanger fin pack for ease of cleaning and long lasting optimum performance
  • Coolant flask system
  • Corrosive resistant blue powder coat carbon steel
  • Coolant inlet and outlet ports
  • 2” NPSC drain port


  • ASME, PED rated vessels
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Drain packages
  • Ports, gauges, leg supports
  • Davit arm
  • Demister


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