JST/JCT Series: Cold Trap for Vacuum Pumps


JST/JCT Series: Cold Trap for Vacuum Pumps


Solberg’s JST & JCT Series cold traps for vacuum pumps are designed to protect equipment from harmful vapors and liquids that can break down vacuum pump oil. These cold traps are heat exchangers that use circulating cooled liquids to create cold surfaces within the trap.

Vapor removal is accomplished when vapors in the air stream transition from a gaseous state to a liquid or solid state as the airflow passes through Solberg’s proprietary fin pack design. Our JST & JCT Series will extend the life of your vacuum pump and reduce costly downtime.

Solberg’s JST/JCT Series Cold Traps: 

  • Protect your vacuum pump from ingesting harmful vapors that can coat internals
  • Keep vapors and liquids from contaminating vacuum pump oil
  • Condenses vapors to liquids for easy removal and draining
  • Allow for easy visual inspection of condensed vapors through clear view vacuum canister
  • Threaded connections RE available in 1 – 4 inch sizes

Contact us for more information on our compact vacuum condenser series. We are happy to guide you to the right filtration products for your application.





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