Polyester Filter Elements: Various Micron Ratings


Polyester Filter Elements: Various Micron Ratings


Our polyester elements are designed to operate in general-duty and harsh-duty environments. Polyester filter media is suitable for applications where moisture, high humidity levels, or oils are present. These elements are long-lasting, highly efficient, and washable for reuse.

Replacement Filter Elements: Industrial-Grade Polyester

Solberg uses top-quality, industrial-grade filter media, plastisols, potting compounds, and structural components to achieve exceptional performance. We optimize surface area within each polyester air filter element to deliver low pressure drop and extended filter life.

For these reasons, Solberg is recognized as a leader in industrial filtration and has become the preferred choice of OEMs, resellers, and end-users when it comes to protecting their equipment.

Contact Our Filtration Experts to Learn More

Not sure if polyester filter media is right for your application? Talk with our team to learn more about the benefits of each option. The Solberg team will guide you toward the right solution for your specific needs. Send us a message online today. We are here to help!





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