RST Series: Reverse Pulse Vacuum Pump Filters


RST Series: Reverse Pulse Vacuum Pump Filters


Solberg’s RST Series reverse pulse industrial filter is designed for extreme dust load applications. Similar to a reverse pulse style bag house, this heavy-duty vacuum pump filter incorporates split-second bursts of pressurized air to create powerful shock waves that clean the filter element. Quick pulses cause particulate accumulated on the filter element to release and collect in the drop-out area of the filter housing. Pulses can be repeated as required and can occur “in-process” because the split-second air bursts have minimal effect on system pressure. Our self-cleaning air filter can be manually controlled or automated based on user preference. (Optional reverse pulse kit available.)

Solberg’s RST Series: 

  • Extends the service life of your filter element
  • High-efficiency filtration offers enhanced equipment protection
  • See-through design allows for instant visual inspection
  • Optional automation allows for easy maintenance
  • Available extended bucket increases capacity

Contact us for more information on our Reverse Pulse Vacuum series. We are happy to guide you to the right filtration products for your application.



RST Series: Reverse Pulse Vacuum Pump Filters



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